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NYT’s Seward Shares Missteps and Potential
Of AI Use in Newsrooms

Zach Seward, the editorial director of AI initiatives at The New York Times, shared what's working and what's not in AI, as well as what we can learn from both, in a talk he gave to an audience of NYU students, alumni, faculty and professional journalists at NYU's Ethics & Journalism Initiative.

Many News Sites Are Blocking AI Web Crawlers, New Research Shows

New research by the Reuters Institute finds that news organizations in the U.S. are blocking artificial intelligence companies from copying the news sites' online content, a process known as crawling or scraping that is used to train AI applications.

Journalism Prize Groups Mull How Use of AI Should Influence Their Decisions

The increasing use of artificial intelligence to research or create journalism is prompting organizations that sponsor journalism prizes to examine how AI may affect submissions and the awarding of prizes, according to a NiemanLab report prepared by journalist Alex Perry.


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NYU Journalism Ethics Handbook

NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Ethics Handbook for Students