Collier Award

New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has established the Peter F.
Collier Award for Ethics in Journalism, which will celebrate acts of journalism that meet the
highest ethical standards in the face of pressure or incentives to do otherwise.

“The Collier Award is grounded in the belief that a greater focus on ethics—on rigorous,
factual reporting, transparency, humility, and fairness—can help journalists become more
effective and more trustworthy, and therefore more valuable to their audiences and to the broader
community,” said Stephen J. Adler, director of the Carter Journalism Institute’s Ethics and
Journalism Initiative, which will administer the award.

The Collier Ethics in Journalism Award, to be granted annually, will recognize
achievement by student and local journalists as well as reporters who have had national or
international impact.

Nathan S. Collier, founder and chairman of the Collier Companies, is sponsoring the
award in honor of his great grand uncle, Peter F. Collier, who emigrated from Ireland in 1866,
became a book publisher, and founded the renowned magazine, Collier’s Weekly, in 1888.

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